My Jewellery Storage Journey

My Jewellery Storage Journey

Hello there! Ozioma again 😊
While reading about jewellery storage in the past weeks, I realized that for the most part, I have not been storing my everyday jewellery in a way that promotes their lifespan 😅 
Normally, when I think about storing my jewellery, I consider neatness and cuteness to an extent but really prefer solutions that allow me see everything at once. 
My storage has varied over time as you can see from the images below, and may change again when I figure out what combines my preferences and the internet's recommendations. 
How/where do you store your jewellery? I'm curious 👀


Box used to store jewellery. Image reads - "neat and contained", "some earrings get lost under others"


Hanging jewellery storage. Image reads "Can see everything at once", "Wasn't a huge fan of the plastic covering"


Cover of a box. Image reads "contained and can see most things at once", "exposed to dust".

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